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On the founder’s own voice: Whatsons success and brand recognition was unexpected, and it never went through my mind creating, specially, a jewelry brand. I have a Bachelor of Communications degree and I liked to write about movies and art. When I realized that the magic and connection for interviewing bands or artists were not there anymore, I decided that I did not wanted to follow that path but I craved to do something different. Curiously on that moment a friend, that was immersed into his creative guru facet, gave me two tweezers and some stones so I could create something to see what comes out of it, we may conquer the world, he said. After giving it a lot of thought, inventing, creating and searching on how to design jewelry, suddenly my abilities on puzzles paid off to create amazing items.
There have passed 2 years of experimentation, running at 4am to complete, position, and sell my designs with no experience at all, my mother was the first client to encourage me to develop my brand and very own style. Color is the fundamental part of the brand, a wise person once told me; Colors are the most amazing indicators of personality, so I decided to include varied color elements on every piece I make. Being “Different and Weird” has been our motto at Whatsons, something that I wanted to express since I was born a twin. When I thought about it less, I made something completely different and cool for myself, as for being creative, weird, different, fun reflected all Whatsons rare creations. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COLLECTION



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