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Lupita Arreola, creative director and founder of Landalba, is a 24-year-old woman, influenced by her Mexican roots and Argentinian culture. Through her Bachelor’s degree in Design of attire and Fashion she was inspired by the history of Mexican culture, giving a unique and artisanal touch to each one of her items. In her own words: “Textile elaboration comes from transmitted techniques from generation to generation, and each piece and color is elaborated and inspired through people’s emotions”. Over these textiles of unique value, she decided to add design to offer items containing a cultural background, with the purpose that Native art would be adapted to life as a trending concept so she can offer a culturally relevant and unique experience. Landalba is a 100% Mexican brand, representing passion and inspiration through her items, with a synergy between Native art and contemporary silhouettes offering a permanent fashion trend that only serves those people that are looking for an innovative style and maintaining craft elements for day and night use. With each item, Landalba, irradiates its vision to international markets in a way that braces cultural expressions. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COLLECTION

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