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Esther Martinez

Esther Martinez is a small company dedicated to art creation. The art is embodied in oil painting, watercolor, illustrations, jewelry, digital… and everything that comes out of Esther’s mind and imagination. She decided to embark into this adventure after a very special person told her that she did not conceive people that did not do what they always dreamed of. Since that moment she left her profession and economic stability despite the fear of failure and being educated not to follow her dreams. She never took charge of her life to start creating the art that she loved. The company was always created and visualized as a business since March of 2012, never as a hobby, and since its beginnings there where objectives to be accomplished and goals to be achieved.
The team is conformed, on the creative side, by Esther and her husband as her primary investor. She began with an uncertain future which little by little was becoming clearer with potential for success. She believes that with effort, work and believing in yourself, you can accomplish anything; that is why in a few years she plans to have her own gallery. She is not clear yet on which country in the world or when, but all she knows is that with these initial solid steps she will get there. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COLLECTION 

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