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Beatriz Kirrú

Beatriz Kirrú is a jewelry brand inspired on Mexico, its culture, architecture, and habits, founded in October 2013 by the Industrial Designer Beatriz Castillon.  Beatriz always searched to celebrate the personality of contemporary women, either through the reflection of luxury on a simple accessory or through the radiance of a simple piece, where all natural stones, semi-precious stones and crystals are the protagonists.
As a brand, we are lovers of nostalgic and faithful believers of memory. We love to experiment with details from the past to combined them with current trends and contemporary touches, creating timeless pieces. Originality, creativity and quality are words that describe who is Beatriz Kirrú. All our pieces are made in Mexico with love, under the hands of a craft teacher with many years of experience.   CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COLLECTION 

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