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Restructure Store is a fashion, decoration, and arts marketplace where customers can purchase unique handcrafted products designed and produced exclusively in Latin America. Created in 2016 by Andreina Gomez and Margarita Alarcon out of Miami FL, the unofficial capital of Latin America, Restructure introduces and promotes local Latin designers and their products into the United States by supporting and expanding their growth into this high demand market so they can continue doing what they love and what they are good at, CREATING beautiful handcrafted pieces. Restructure combines Latin culture, lifestyle, fashion and innovation into one integrated, unique and independent on-line shopping experience in the United States. 

Ina and Magui, as they are liked to be called, come from two different countries in Latin America where independent talent is flourishing and is not recognized internationally, as they have observed. Restructure becomes a platform so they can explore new markets and expand their talents and products to new horizons. Restructure’s purpose is to unify all Latin American talent in a unique and different marketplace in the United States. 

“We want to elevate the great potential of emerging Latin American designers by providing all the resources to promote and share their talents and products with the world through the power of Restructure” Ina & Magui 

Restructure is constantly looking for emerging designers with new products and ideas to enhance its fun and creative online customer experiences in order to offer the best products and services that our customers deserve.

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