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Mexican Coolture

Canvas Tote

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Add a pop of color to your style. The travel handbag it's light and spacious, with flexible body. Reveals a combination of colors and prevails the artisanal embroidery, which is handmade by Wixarikan artisans. Each piece takes several weeks of work. "Travel light with a touch of color"

  • "Wixárika" handmade embroidering in blanket with yarn.
  • Hand cut genuine leather.
  • High quality finished seams.
  • Interior canvas bag without zipper.
  • Magnetic closure genuine leather flap.
  • Artisanal half ring with long lasting gold plating hanging from genuine leather to connect keychain, wallet, etc.

  • Gold plating hardware and golden metallic polished zipper.
  • Protect from humidity and keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat and radiation.
  • Avoid contact with any material that can transfer pigments to leather or embroidery.
  • Keep away from greasy products, food, lotions, cleaners, makeup, etc..
  • Do not put pencils, makeup or pens opened inside the bag.
  • If leather is stained or dirty, clean with clean, smoth, clear cloth. Do not use a soap. We advice to take the bag to professional cleaning.

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